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My OCD is on Vacation. Please Leave a Message


My OCD has had it’s ups and downs over the course of my life, but it’s always been present in some form. In the past few years it’s been very manageable and it’s main manifestation is in my house. When I’m at home I’m extremely clean and everything (and I mean everything) has it’s place. Especially when I’m stressed I just can’t focus when things aren’t just as they are supposed to be. This can get difficult as I normally work from home.

In 2012, at Jay’s request, we moved to Cancun for a year. Jay is not a fan of the cold weather and is a huge fan of the ocean, so for the last two (Canadian) winters we’ve gone back to Cancun. We are currently here for the third time and I’ve noticed a change. Life in general is different here and our specific day to day activities are also different. We don’t have all the amenities that we have at home and we live in a very modest house. Things move slower and it’s impossible to keep things perfectly clean.

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