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Throat Unknown


3 years ago this fall my health changed dramatically. I was sitting on the floor of my apartment working on a scrapbook and eating peanuts when I started to feel dizzy. I lay down on my bed and waited for Jay to arrive home. Within an hour my throat felt like it was closing up and we were walking to the hospital (which was a few blocks away). That evening I didn’t actually enter the hospital, but it marked the beginning of a 2 1/2 year battle with my body.

All sorts of thoughts were running through my head, but ALLERGY was lit up in bright lights and blinking on my forehead. I’m allergic to many things, but as far as I know I’ve only ever been allergic to one food: chocolate. My dad has some mild food allergies (including peanuts) but they started much later in life. Could I possibly be allergic to peanuts? My father also suffers from urticaria¬†where his lips and face swell. Perhaps I had that? The thoughts alone began to drive me crazy.

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