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Social Media Shaming


Last week a Toronto man refused to move his bag off a second seat on a crowded rush hour bus. When pressed by the woman requesting the seat, he apparently lashed out, stomping on her foot and pushing her backwards. He was also caught on tape calling her names and giving her the finger. The story went viral and he quickly acquired the nickname #TTCLeprechaun, mainly due to his bright green shirt and bowler hat.

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Unless this man paid an extra fare for his bag, he had no right to take up 2 seats. Not only is this common courtesy, it is against TTC rules.


“3.34 A proper authority may refuse passage on the transit system to:

c) a person carrying hand luggage, a parcel or any object or thing that does inconvenience or is likely to inconvenience other passengers or TTC employees”


The TTC claims that it can not find the footage of the alleged assault, meaning this man can not easily be charged.

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