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Halloween Superhero


The first time I really understood what allergies were was when I got a large rash and swelling around my right eye; just like my dad, and his mother, I was allergic to chocolate. A few short years later my brother would receive the same diagnosis when he was rushed to hospital after accidentally ingesting some while at daycare. We were officially a chocolate free house. Children typically love chocolate and women typically love chocolate; I was a 0 for 2. Throughout my childhood I got a lot of sympathetic and surprised looks. At first I felt bad for myself but, to be honest, I didn’t really miss it that much as I’d never really gotten a chance to like it. The worst part about growing up with a chocolate allergy was that I often got left out at birthday parties and school events- the cake was always chocolate. However, these feelings all changed when I realized that I was a superhero: a Halloween superhero.

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