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It’s Peanuts to Me


People who do not live with a chronic condition often have a really hard time understanding what life is like for someone who does. Things most people take for granted become long drawn out processes with many risks and dangers.

I fly more than the average person but I hate it. Not because I’m in a metal box thousands of miles above the earth, or that it’s uncomfortable and boring, or even because I might have to use the bathroom. I hate it because I have asthma. What do I do if I have an asthma attack in the middle of a 8 hour flight over the Atlantic? The first time I flew after I developed asthma I gave myself an asthma attack just from the stress! Another time I had to wear a mask the entire flight because the man next to me had gone for a smoke just before he boarded the plane and he reeked!

It’s one of those things that gets easier over time, but you can’t let yourself get complacent. One mistake is all it takes.

I don’t blame people for not understanding. Even though it seems obvious to me, I realize that it’s not even on most people’s radar. What I do blame people for is not accepting or taking risks seriously. When I read this article from Allergic Living it made me angry.

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