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This Subject Carries a Lot of Weight


I have had a mild weight problem since I hit puberty; I didn’t lose my baby fat like most of my peers. My mother had a significant weight problem, and she struggled with it her whole life. My metabolism isn’t amazing, but at 16 I managed to get to a weight I was comfortable with. Soon after I was diagnosed with a thyroid goiter and then less than a year later, after a family tragedy, I fell into a deep depression.

During the next 5 years I gained, and then lost 80 lbs. I hated myself and stopped really living. I felt like my old self inside, but my mirror mocked me. I tried to watch what I ate, and I tried to exercise but my weight kept creeping up. My doctor told me I wasn’t working hard enough. I could feel the stares from the strangers on the street and the pity from my friends. It took me 3 years to realize that the anti-depressants (perhaps with a side order of thyroid issues) might be the problem. It took me another 1 year to convince myself that they were definitely the problem. It wasn’t until I lost the weight that I convinced my psychiatrist. I’m still not sure my family doctor believes me.

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