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What is a Disability?


A few weeks ago the European Court of Justice ruled that

if the obesity of the worker ‘hinders the full and effective participation of that person in professional life on an equal basis with other workers’, then obesity can fall within the concept of “disability”.

According to BBC News:

That will mean employers must, on a case by case basis, make reasonable adjustments such as providing larger chairs or special car parking, and protect such employees from verbal harassment.

But there are wider implications. Providers of goods and services such as shops, cinemas and restaurants will also have to make reasonable adjustments for their customers, which might include things like special seating arrangements.

While I do not think that there is ever an appropriate time for things such as verbal abuse, I believe that this ruling sets a dangerous precedent that will not benefit anyone.

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Blue Ear to the Rescue!


The news is filled with horrible stories and negative attitudes and sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. But then, every once and a while, a story comes along that restores your faith in humanity and warms your heart.

Anthony Smith of Salem, N.H. is hearing impaired due to a chromosomal disorder. He has no right ear, partial hearing in his left, and wears a blue hearing aid. One day Anthony, a huge superhero fan, decided he was no longer going to wear his aid because “superheros don’t wear blue ears.” His mother emailed Marvel Comics in New York City and they responded! Not only did they send him a picture of Hawkeye  from the 80s (when he lost most of his hearing and wore hearing aids), but they created a character just for him called “The Blue Ear.” The new superhero is based on Anthony and says: “thanks to my listening device I hear someone in trouble!”

Always remember to cherish the good in the world and spread the joy!

Merry Christmas!

Playing the Disability Card- It’s a Full House


It’s human nature to want to avoid things we don’t want to do or to make up excuses for why we failed. Everyone does it, but people with disabilities have an obvious cop-out just sitting there waiting to be used. It would be so easy to blame everything on one’s disability. Perhaps it’s because there is still a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding disability, or maybe it’s because those without disabilities just feel awkward talking about it, but it’s certainly easy to get away with playing the disability card.


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Turning a Disability into an Ability- Nick Santonastasso


Nick Santonastasso was born with no limbs due to a rare birth defect called Hanhart syndrome. Despite being told he would have limited mobility, he skateboards, wrestles, plays the drums, and drives a car. Not only did he learn how to do everyday things with only one arm, he excels at them!

If this is where Nick’s story ended, it would be inspirational enough. Luckily for us, Nick wasn’t satisfied with just being a musician, wrestler and motivational speaker. He’s taken his disability to a new level- an ability. He calls himself a prankster, and boy does he do just that. He creates the kind of realism with his pranks that only someone with a physical disability could, and that’s why I think he’s awesome. It’s not about what you can’t do it’s all about what you can. Happy Halloween!

**This video is not for the faint of heart!**