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Blue Ear to the Rescue!


The news is filled with horrible stories and negative attitudes and sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. But then, every once and a while, a story comes along that restores your faith in humanity and warms your heart.

Anthony Smith of Salem, N.H. is hearing impaired due to a chromosomal disorder. He has no right ear, partial hearing in his left, and wears a blue hearing aid. One day Anthony, a huge superhero fan, decided he was no longer going to wear his aid because “superheros don’t wear blue ears.” His mother emailed Marvel Comics in New York City and they responded! Not only did they send him a picture of Hawkeye  from the 80s (when he lost most of his hearing and wore hearing aids), but they created a character just for him called “The Blue Ear.” The new superhero is based on Anthony and says: “thanks to my listening device I hear someone in trouble!”

Always remember to cherish the good in the world and spread the joy!

Merry Christmas!