Adventures for the Chronically Ill is a place to discuss disability, mental illness, chronic illness, and discrimination, and where I (try to) make sense of it all. There is a lot of stigma surrounding these issues and too many people do not understand what it means to suffer long term, mentally and/or physically.

I try to post twice a week: once on Wednesday and once on Friday. However, like oh so many things in life, this is not set in stone. I enjoy discussing issues I find in the news and often link to articles, blogs, and other websites. I also try to bring my own experiences into my posts, as the best part about going through something is being able to learn from it and share your findings with others.

This blog is not politically correct, although I try to be considerate of everyone’s feelings. I’m not here to lay out blanket statements, or to placate the disabled and ill. Without discussion, debate, and critical thinking nothing and no one can move forward. Please comment on and share posts that speak to you (hopefully not literally); all I ask is that you are respectful.

Happy Reading!


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