Universal Drug Program Dreams


As someone with a chronic illness, a universal drug plan would significantly improve my quality of life. I’m apparently “not insurable” on my own and since Jay and I are both self employed I can’t piggyback on an employers health plan. Is it fair that I’m expected to dish out hundreds of dollars a month for medications I would die without because I happen to have a disease (that I didn’t cause)?

New research is coming to light that suggests it would SAVE Canada money to implement a universal drug plan.

Canada is the only developed country with universal health insurance coverage that does not also offer universal prescription drug benefits.

About one in 10 Canadians say they can’t afford to take their medications as prescribed, previous studies suggest.

If I couldn’t afford my medications I’d be spending a lot more time in the ER. But it’s not like each ER visit costs the government more than a months worth of medication would. Oh, wait…

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