Bikini Body


As the summer comes to an end I feel a bit of regret that I never made it into a bikini. The last time I wore a bikini was in April 2012, just before I ballooned up from some medication I was on.


Playing toss the egg on a beach in Cancun

I’m more than halfway back to my normal weight, but I thought I’d make it before the summer was over. I have 4 bikinis in my dresser that haven’t seen the light of day- 1 that has never been worn! I know that many people wear bikinis at my size, but I am not one of them. Not only have I always been self conscious about my body, I’ve always assumed that if I don’t want to see it in a bikini then probably, no one else did either.

That could be why the summer trend #fatkini caught my attention. Many overweight people wear bikinis. I try not to concern myself with what other people are wearing so that’s fine with me. A woman should be able to wear whatever she wants without shame. Really, we shouldn’t even be talking about other people’s bodies to begin with! I also agree with Gabi Gregg that there are not enough cute bikinis out there for plus sized women. I have a hard enough time finding a cute tankini in my size (which is right on the large end of normal according to the BMI scale).


This summer at Parlee Beach, New Brunswick

However, I think this trend, like BBW and other such slang, goes a bit far in the wrong direction. Being happy with yourself and comfortable in your own skin is great, but being overweight is unhealthy. No matter what cute hashtag or acronym you give it “fat” has negative connotations for a reason. We shouldn’t be celebrating being unhealthy. We shouldn’t make it okay for women to maintain a dangerous weight. I know all the women out there are screaming at their computers, “I’m big boned,” “fat doens’t mean unfit” etc. etc. But, while those are not untrue, they are excuses. As I’ve dealt with my medical issues I’ve been every weight from the low end of normal to obese. I’ve said it all and done it all.

Just because you are overweight does not mean you should be uncomfortable with your body or feel ashamed to do the things you love. What it does mean is that you are unhealthy and being proud of that is not something I’m ever going to be.

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